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Healthcare Cleaning

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While you care for the well-being of your patients, let Jan-Pro care for the well-being of your office environment!

Jan-Pro is trained in maintaining high levels of cleanliness in medical office and healthcare facilities. It is imperative for medical facilities to be cleaned and free of any bacteria, and viruses. There is no wiggle room, and Jan-Pro understands this.

We disinfect better

Our proven EPA-rated hospital grade disinfectant kills 99% of the most commonly found contaminants in work places, including MRSA, E.Coli, C- Diff, CRE and H9n1 (avian flu virus).

We fight Cross-Contamination

Our proprietary Med+Metrix program provides Jan-Pro owner/operators with a 5-week intensive training program, including specialized disinfection processes for patient treatment rooms, critical care rooms and surgical suites, terminal care patient room cleaning, and dental office cleaning. Jan-Pro provides the most rigorous training in the industry.

We know Carpets and Floors

Our cleaning processes with our proactive carpet and hard floor care program work jointly to keep carpets and floors fresh and germ-free, reflecting well on you and your patients.

We Know Restrooms

Our highly trained crews, first-rate cleaning products, and processes all combine to attack bacteria and destroy them where they breed. We pay special attention to high-touch areas such as faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles and push plates so that nothing is left to chance.

Reliable Service for all of Santa Barbara

At Jan-Pro Central Coast, we understand how important it is for you to maintain a clean, disinfected and sanitary facility. Our team of cleaning professionals pledges to perform every task according to our rigorous quality, industry standards and the agreed upon cleaning schedule. Whether you need our help on a daily or weekly basis, we’ll work out a schedule that suits you and our facility.

To learn more about our medical/healthcare cleaning services and to request a quote, contact Jan-Pro Central Coast today (805) 349-7503. 

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